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Accelerate your ecommerce journey with Shopify Plus_


Shopify is a scalable ecommerce offering from Shopify. With the scalability, security, and global reach offered by Shopify, your business can grow as you do.

Shopify Setup Packages

We helps with total setup Shopify from ground up using our setup package. Which includes setting from premium Shopify Theme, bespoke carefully the content to make the site consistent and highly appealing design, all you need for the site to be ready to go live.

Shopify Apps Development

We work with Shopify API to create bespoke custom app development. Understand well about Shopify API and server's side coding enable us flexibilities within Shopify. We can take care of advance product customization, custom integration with third-party platform like Swish, Fortnox and SAP for example.

Shopify Support Package

Support packages include unlimited support via email, Slack channel, along with hours of extra work allowance for creating new features like multiple languages, upsell, administration works, on-site audit and improvement / conversion rates optimization.


Our passion is delivering relevant, timely, and consistent messaging to users throughout the customer lifecycle. Together, let’s create strategic marketing campaigns as remarkable as your brand. Running and managing high growth social media campaigns including FB, IG, Snapchat and Pinterests.

Jack - Director - FIIRE Ltd

"The team at ZAGO have been great at helping us revamp the website for our online store. Their response time is quick and very professional. They are easy to work with, gave us regular updates on progress till completion. Will definitely continue to work with them as we keep improving and growing our business."

Bettina Linning - Head of eCommerce - Sif Jakobs Jewellery

"Great communication and quality of work! Would recommend ZAGO Sweden as a Shopify developer with 100%. They helped updated our Shopify theme and implemented back-in-stock notification through Klaviyo."

Adreon Billips - TINWORLD LLC

"Where do i start? I never had service so outstanding that it left me speechless. I’m lost for words . Emre is unbelievably amazing!!! His response time was unnormally fast . His step by steps were clear as day. His amazing spirit not only made our project easy , but lifted my spirits and confidence within my business . It was like he was sitting right in front of me . He listed to all my wants and needs and turned it into a reality . He didn’t treat me like a client , he treated me like a brother ! I firmly believe without his help and guidance I would of failed at creating my website . There aren’t enough stars in the world to rate his service , but on a typical 5 star scale he’s definitely 5 stars! I am very grateful and thankful for Emre’s help and guidance. THANKS ZAGO."

Haroon Choudery - The GLD Shop

"ZAGO was incredibly helpful for a variety of tasks related to my Shopify site. Whether I needed help installing custom code to all of the images on my site or creating a mobile popup, the team was successful in helping me. Both times that I have asked ZAGO for help, the technology that I wanted them to work with was unique; however, they were willing to learn the required technology and complete the job successfully in an astonishingly quick time. I would highly recommend!"

Plantagen of Sweden

"We got help from ZAGO in setting up a shipping system that required specific hands-on programming for our needs at SE and NO site. They were quick and agile in the whole process, delivering on time. The teams manager, David, was fast to get in contact with and very service minded through all project phases. ZAGO showed good knowledge of Shopify and its possiblities, giving us best practice tips for the smoothest e-commerce functionality."

Justin Chiam - The Purest Co

"We worked with Tina and Rachel primarily and the work ZAGO did for us was nothing short of stellar. Communication was prompt and changes were made in a timely manner. We would definitely work with them again."

Why Shopify Plus+?

If you are on the flight path to a turnover of €1m+ per year, it’s time to start thinking about whether you need to upgrade to Shopify Plus.

10 Client Stores

The monthly subscription allows you up to 10 different stores, commonly used to deploy clone stores for international expansion. Moreover, you can repurpose the function to serve as custom landing page or test out new line of products.


Exclusive app sthat only Shopify Plus members have access to, allowing you to create advanced automations that make your life easier which includes Shopify Flow, Shopify Scripts and Launchpad.

Advanced Reporting

On the Plus platform, you have a far greater portfolio of custom reports, giving you more detailed insight into the performance of your store. There’s also greater access to the Shopify API, allowing for more bespoke reporting on any specific requirements.

24/7 Priority Support

As a Shopify Plus merchant, you get access to a 24/7 support channel, any and all problems as soon as they happen. You’ll also have access to a dedicated merchant success manager alongside the priority support team.

Checkout Customization

This is an invaluable feature of Shopify Plus. A bespoke checkout gives you a fully flexible checkout experience, fully branded or a fancy one page checkout to match the style and tone of your whole site.


Internationalization is much more than just multiple currencies and multiple languages. Some examples: Newsletter / Promotion in multiple region at the same time or Show / Hide products based on customer's region? Solved with Shopify Plus and free multiple stores.

If you're ready to design, develop or scale on Shopify we have the SOLUTION___SOLUTION___