Migration for your business from WooCommerce to Shopify.

Ready to move to Shopify, an online store platform that grows with your business, can be shaped to fit the needs across company sizes with aiming to reduce technological concerns. So you can focus doing things you love.

Benefits Await

Hosted vs Self-Host Solution

With Shopify, you have built in unlimited hosting space for your products and business data. Always fast and supporting the latest CDN out of the box.

With WooCommerce you are on your own and take your own risk.


With Shopify you can secure your online store with 2nd password authentication. Your store ishosted on secure server with SSL built in (the green-lock on address bar).

With WooCommerce, you need to secure your server yourself.

Appstore vs Plugins

Extend your stores functionalities without compromising speed by adding apps through the Shopify App Store (https://apps.shopify.com). Brows through thousands of Shopify approved apps to create a unique look and feel to your store.

On WooCommerce, the more plugins you install, the higher chance of conflict and slowing down your site.


Shopify requires “zero” maintenance effort. The system is always automatically updated by Shopify. This reduces the risk of conflict when upgrading your database compared to WooCommerce.

Theme Store

Easy access for upgrading / changing the theme on Shopify. Invite new segments of customers to try out new experience with AB testing.

WooCommerce doesn’t have built in AB testing or development theme tests.

Search Engine Optimization

Shopify has built in SEO metadata handling, and it automatically summarizes the website content via sitemaps.

WooCommerce needs external plugins for SEO.

Secure Payment Gateways

Shopify supports hundreds of built in payment gateways from Shopify Payments to PayPal, Klarna, Stripe, Swish and many more. Fast and easy setup.

WooCommerce requires installation of independent payment gateways (that normally come with a fee) to acquire and setup + updates.


Shopify App Store has customized subscription apps such as Recharge and BOLD Recurring, standing their own API and requiring almost no setup skill for installment.

WooCommerce requires subscription function via yearly subscription plugin.

Cost Effectiveness

Shopify offers a transparent payment structure starting from only $29 / month (https://shopify.com/pricing).

WooCommerce normally comes with hidden costs for hosting, maintenance fee, and upgrade costs.

We offer free basic migration and consulting during in COVID-19 out-break.

Our free migration includes:

Setup of Shopify Development Account

A development account is great for development purposes. Free of charge until you go live.

Products, Orders, Customers

We export your existing products, orders, and customers from WooCommerce and import all the data to Shopify.

WooCommerce Reviews

We export your WooCommerce reviews to Shopify.

Shopify Domain Migration

We redirect your WooCommerce visitors to the new Shopify store.

Launch Your Store

We test, launch and publish your new Shopify store.

Report and Confirmation

Once the migration is done, you will receive confirmation that the import is complete.

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