PageFly – Shopify Page Builder App

Here’s a statistic you probably already know as a person who evidently appreciates web design: 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.

Customers care about web design. It’s a hugely influential aspect, to the decision of any visitor to your site, whether or not they will browse through your store.

That’s why merchants, like yourself, come to services like ZAGO and PageFly. We, like you, understand the need for great design and we do everything we can to make it happen.

In this article, we want to tell you about PageFly, what it does and how it got to become Shopify’s #1 rated page builder app.

What is PageFly?

PageFly is the software that Zago often uses to help merchants create incredible looking stores on Shopify. It’s a drag-and-drop page builder that lets anyone generate conversion-driving stores with ease.

You can find them in the Shopify app store with 4,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.9

To date, they’ve helped merchants build over 70,000 stores across Shopify. They do that by providing a huge library of elements and templates that help beginner stores find their feet and help more experienced stores get more sales.

Here’s a few of the key features to know about PageFly:

  • Over 80 elements that go far beyond heading, text and image. Think countdown timers, embedded maps, beautiful star ratings and so much more.
  • 60+ templates that kick start sales in starter stores. Choose from anything in the library to begin with, then set about changing and adding whatever elements you want. 
  • Drag and drop system that lets users arrange elements into structured segments, then fine tune them however they want through the ‘styling’ options (see the example above).
  • Full responsiveness on all devices, meaning that you don’t have to individually tweak your pages for each device. One size fits desktop, tablet and mobile on PageFly!

The best part? PageFly has a free plan, meaning that no one is excluded! All templates and elements are available on the free plan, giving you unlimited access to the tools that can turn your fledgling store into a conversion machine.

Who is PageFly for?

While PageFly works best for beginners to the world of eCommerce, we’re firm believers that you should never stop building your store. There’s always something that can be adjusted, no matter how minutely, to extract the full conversion potential of an online store.

Beginners – Shopify beginners love PageFly’s templates, which are optimised to drive conversions from the get-go. They also appreciate PageFly’s rapid and helpful responses when it comes to assisting merchants build a store.

Intermediates – Merchants with a bit of experience on Shopify can also make use of PageFly, specifically in its library of more advanced elements. PageFly integrates with several other Shopify apps, meaning that intermediate users can experiment with Mailchimp forms and social media integrations in order to expand their stores outward.

Advanced – Advanced users looking to open an expansion store will find it easy with PageFly’s export features, letting them copy the style and contents of their existing store to save hours setting up their new one. They also appreciate the advanced elements of PageFly, such as ones that allow for integrated feeds between their Shopify store, Facebook shop and Instagram shops.

PageFly Help

You’re never alone when you’re building with PageFly. They understand that designing an entire store can seem incredibly daunting to many merchants, so they provide free and expert help across a multitude of channels:

  • Online database – An entire website full of material to help you use PageFly, from basic help to conversion tips.
  • YouTube channel – A regularly updated library of videos where they walk users through the theory and practice of building the perfect store from the ground up.
  • Live chat – As part of all plans, including the free one, users can get instant responses to queries from our customer success team.
  • Email assistance – Always available and ready to solve any query that they receive.

They’re very proud of a fantastic track record in customer support, and they’re thrilled to say that our customers really appreciate it.

3 Examples of Shopify Stores Using PageFly

Need some concrete evidence of what PageFly can do? Check out the 3 stores below, all of which were built using PageFly.

1. LYFE Fuel

LYFE Fuel is a health and wellbeing store selling nutritional products. They have a beautiful colour scheme and an excellent layout to their homepage, but the true beauty lies in their product page. Here, customers get a bunch of easily navigable dropdown menus, some great features like scrolling banners and an alluring review section featuring large, attractive imagery.

2. KitePride

KitePride has many great examples of how to embed video into your Shopify store. As a socially and economically responsible business upcycling old kites into new fashion, KitePride has a big story to tell and likes to do it through video. They use exquisite imagery and colour throughout their store, but never overcrowd the white space.

3. Rebelkin

Rebelkin sells stylish glasses on an equally stylish website. They’ve used texture to great effect in their backgrounds, with some great text and bold graphics layered on top. The home page is sectioned really well, with each part packed with useful information and images of their products.

PageFly Plans

PageFly has 4 plans available, the cheapest of which is 100% free.

Our most popular plan is the Gold plan, which provides everything you need to grow your store into a fully optimised profit generator.

All plans let you customise without limitations as they all provide full access to the element and template libraries. You can use the free plan for as long as you want, and when you’re ready to start scaling upwards, you can upgrade your plan with ease.

The Best Tool for Self-Made Stores

It makes sense for professional designers like Zago to use professional design tools like PageFly. At our hearts, we understand the call for great eCommerce store layouts that not only look phenomenal, but also attract and convert visitors in a super efficient way.

Try PageFly’s Gold plan on a 14-day free trial by clicking on the button below, and start creating your dream store today!