New partnership with Gorgias. Easier And Better Customer Service For Shopify Stores

Gorgias is a top omnichannel helpdesk platform designed for e-commerce businesses and their needs. It is built to provide an excellent and quick service and help the customer service team to easily manage a large number of messages and contact channels and deliver de the right response to each client. Gorgias integrates all your contact channels, such as email, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, and messenger, in just one place. 

The app gives you capacity for several customer profiles, which can see messages from each contact channel in the form of tickets, so the team can assist the clients with what they need and contact the customer through the same channel they have sent their message. And this is not all: with Gorgias, it’s also possible to set automated responses so the customers get their answer right away and the merchant can focus on more important or difficult questions and comments.


How Gorgias can help eCommerce businesses to grow?

Providing excellent customer service is a key factor in improving retention, loyalty, and sales for any business, and eCommerce is not the exception of this rule. Nowadays eCommerce customers expect quick answers to their queries and appreciate personalized and focused service, even the most difficult client notice this and definitely awards good points for that.

We are all more loyal to brands we feel we can trust, and this trust has to be built and cared for by the merchants. When customers perceive they have a helpdesk really available to solve their needs, they will be more willing to maintain their relationship with a brand: buy, repeat, and refer their friends.

Gorgias implements a simple and efficient helpdesk for you, where customers’ problems can be solved a great deal faster than if their requests were in numerous different apps. This can increase sales as consumers will be able to shop quicker if their responses are met more efficiently. If your customers are happy with the response they have had it may even tempt them to buy more with the store, knowing that it is one they can trust.


How to setup Gorgias on your store

Setting up Gorgias is a very simple and quick process. Once downloaded, there are lots of different functions that can be added, depending on which is the most relevant to your store. You might want to start by connecting your first support channels: Email, Facebook, and Instagram, and adding Gorgias live chat to your store. Let’s quickly see how this is done:


Connect your support email

If you are using Gmail you just click the blue button that says “Connect Google email account”. If you are using Outlook/Office365, then you can follow the next steps:

  1. Go in Settings > Integrations > Email, click on “Add email address” and on “Connect Office365 email account”.
  2. Give all the permissions requested
  3. Once you are redirected back to Gorgias, activate the email addresses you want to connect to Gorgias.
  4. Congrats! You now receive your emails in Gorgias

If you are not using either Gmail or Outlook you can set up email forwarding.


Add Gorgias live chat to your store

  1. In Gorgias, click on “Integrations,” then click “Chat”
  2. Click “Add chat”
  3. Name your chat. This will usually be the name of your company
  4. Click Add chat to your store. If you’re not on Shopify, you can copy and paste the HTML code that is provided on the same page


Connect your social channels – Facebook & Instagram

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Facebook, Messenger & Instagram
  2. Hit the “Login with Facebook” button in the top right corner. Use your Facebook private account, under which you have the Admin access for the pages. Just the pages’ information will be pulled.
  3. Authorize the Gorgias app on Facebook
  4. Select the page you want to add
  5. Choose your import settings
  6. Click “Add page”

After this, you can select the channels you want to use, and whenever a customer contacts you via Messenger or comment on an Instagram or Facebook post Gorgias creates a ticket that you can respond directly from your helpdesk.

You can also check out more tutorials on the Gorgias website –


What is the cost per month of Gorgias?

There are 3 pricing brands, plus the opportunity to have a bespoke package created especially for your company if none of these fit:


  1. The basic package is $60 per month and allows up to 350 tickets to be created
  2. The ‘Pro’ package is $300 per month and gives up to 2000 tickets
  3. The ‘advanced’ is $750 per month, with an allowance of 6000 tickets. This package is ideal for larger brands that use a wide range of apps 

Now Gorgias is offering ZAGO clients an excellent opportunity when they add the app: 7-day FREE trial + if you pay the first month you get another month for FREE



Next steps with Gorgias and ZAGO

ZAGO team recommends all our clients to use Gorgias as it has shown to be highly beneficial to the customer journey, which increases revenue and loyalty for the brand. Having all customer correspondence under one easy-to-use app is a great way for a merchant to save time and trouble, so they can now focus on other important jobs they have to complete.

To find out more about how ZAGO and Gorgias can help with your store, please contact us HERE.