Would you like to increase your client basket ?

Did you know that repeat customer are 50% more likely to make another purchase than new customers ?

ReCharge.com can help you for this opportunity with Shopify !


What’s ReCharge.com ?

ReCharge.com is an application that you can put on shopify application and it can help you to increase your business. A loyal customer to a brand becomes an advocate who will refer future customers month over month.

ReCharge’s Endorsed Global Partner Program is a growing community of trusted developers and agencies specializing in recurring billing and subscription stores.

Shopify expert

Integrate your tech stack : When adding subscriptions to an existing store or migrating from another platform, ReCharge.com seamlessly integrates with over 25 of the top applications on Shopify so your tech stack doesn’t need to change.

The platform is very robust. Indeed, the integration with Shopify means you can launch subscriptions when you want. Also you can manage all orders from Shopify, in the Shopify dashboard which makes fulfillment and accounting a breeze.

What are the app’s advantages ?

> Connected Shopify logins : ReCharge.com integrates into Shopify Accounts that’s why customers do not have to create a new account.

> Direct integration : Customers can manage all subscriptions straight from your current Shopify store.

> Secure payments : payment information is securely vaulted with Stripe, Braintree or Authorize.net. You can use also Appel Pay if you have the application. ReCharge.com manage the customer’s updated credit card information.

> Mixed cards : Allows for one-time product and subscription products all in the same credit card.

The ReCharge.com customer portal allows your customers to fully manage all aspects of their subscriptions directly from your store. Whether it’s email, loyalty, or customer support, ReCharge.com’s integrations allow your workflow to be automated.

Customers have the ability to update subscription options, as they want like frequency, quantity and delivery schedules.

For the shipping and taxes, they are automatically calculated based on what is configured within Shopify. Easy for you to send products.

Another feature is to change the look of your customer portal to match with your brand, strategy, add or remove functionality, and keep the experience for your customers the same across your whole store.


There are 2 sorts of pricing for ReCharge.com, one for the professional and one standard price.

For the standard price ( $39.99 + 1% + $5 per transaction), you could have access to the full set of ReCharge.com standard features, Top-notch customer support and integration with the best-of-breed apps.

For the other solution, you will access to pro features and pro integration, priority support and custom checkout domain. Ask our Shopify expert team for more informations.


Shopify expert team

You can use this link to try this application on shopify.