Create custom product for your team and your customers with Printify

Often to advertise our brand at a lower cost, it is very simple to make and have clothes, goodies or others made with the brand logo. This will make it possible to give a gift to employees and teams but also to loyal customers and during a professional meetings.

You do not know how to please your teams at low cost? Do you want to give small personalized gifts to your customers? And you want your brand to be highlighted at events such as fairs, exhibition or seminars? Those questions are always asked so that’s why we can recommend you our partner for a few weeks now : Prinfity

What is Printify exactly and how does it work ?

“We created Printify to make merchandise available to everyone” : they say James Berdigans and Artis Kehris the co-founders of Printify. That’s why they  decided to break down the needlessly complex print and merch industry so that creative minds, restless digital nomads, time-strapped entrepreneurs and everyone in between can do what they do best: create great products, drive sales, and run their own business.

Printify simplifies the way custom products are created and lets thousands of ecommerce merchants build profitable businesses. More they offer you the possibility to have a transparent print on demand network to help merchants make more money in a simple and easy way.

You can find more than 250 unique products in their online website : T-shirts, hoodies, shoes, bags, socks, hats, phone cases, mugs, stickers, and more. You have a lot of service like :

> 24/7 support : Support and Success teams handle order-related questions and help you sell more

> Create products with ease and publish mockups with custom designs.

> More than 90 printing facilities, mainly in the US, UK, and China.

> Manually submit orders and we’ll print and ship to your customers.

>Automatically add Printify’s flat rate shipping prices to customer’s shopping carts.


They propos to you a service called “print on demand”. How does it work ?  Easy, it’s base on a business model in which products are acquired, produced and shipped one by one and only after a sales has been made to your customers. It works in three steps

  1. Design and create of your product
  2. Printing of the item via a designated print provider
  3. Packaging and shipment of the final product to the your customer.

They offer you also “Mockup generator” : it’s a tool that you can create your own teeshirt, hats, phone cases, mugs. You just have to choose your product, add several layers and finally get access to stunning high definition Mockups and limitless customization options. Really easy to use, you just have to try it !

The pricing

You can try this application for free and you have access to the mock-up generator, integration with Shopify Etsy, eBay and more website, and to the 24/7 merchant support. If you want more service, there is a subscription started to $29 a month.

If you need more informations, contact our Shopify team.