BOLD Partner – 20 apps for Shopify

Founded in Canada in 2013, Bold Commerce develops about 20 applications that can be integrated with a number of major ecommerce platforms, including Shopify. These apps enable features such as subscriptions, bundles, upselling, multi-currency checkouts, Quickbooks and Xero integrations, loyalty schemes, and more. This is a one of our Shopify partners.

Bold Commerce application is designed to help merchants automatically display personalized product recommendations to each of their customers, based on prior shopping activities, browsing and search history, previous purchases, and more. Bold Commerce can work directly with merchants to integrate its apps into any platform through an API.

Bold Commerce apps provide value to businesses of all sizes, in all industries. Plug and play on certain eCommerce platforms, or use our APIs to integrate with your custom tools, ERP, 3PL, CRM, or almost anything else.

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Features and functionality

It will be easy to control and to subscribe the applications. You can do a lot of things like : edit, add-to, update, change billing info, address, swap products, skip shipments… The subscription will automatically recharge at whichever interval you choose, providing a steady source of recurring payment revenue.

> Sell subscriptions on single products OR entire cart,

> Customers can add products to existing subscriptions,

> The Most Robust Manage Subscription Page for customers,

> Offer Subscribe only or One-time & Subscribe options,

> Inventory Forecasting – See how many inventory you need to fill orders in upcoming weeks/months,

> Update options for subscription prices & product changes globally,

> Full design and language control,

> Robust analytics and reports,

> Powerful exports : you can send an email to everyone with a subscription to a specific product,

> Email notifications when you have low inventory for upcoming orders,

> Shipping date can be fixed or based on original order date,

>Recurring billing compatible with all major payment gateways.

The subscription is very easy, you can just embed a button or use a link to send the subscription.

Example of available applications

> Pricing and promotions : To create a shopping experience that maximizes conversion rates and average order value with features for upselling, discounts, international pricing, and recommendations.

> Recurring payments : Make recurring revenue with subscriptions services like meal plans, memberships, subscribe and save products, managing them easily with one application.

> Customization : Give shoppers the power to customize their order with existing option sets or create their own unique products from scratch.

> Customer experience : Make shoppers into repeat customers by delivering experiences and services that motivate them to buy more.

> Order management : Easily manage your orders with functionality for returns, wholesale payment terms, and more.

> Automation : Get our apps to do the work for you with advanced automation for data analysis.

Bold Commerce claims 86,000 customers globally, including the Obama Foundation, Zippo, NPR, the Bon Jovi Official Store, and DJ Khaled’s Goldition.

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