MailButler for Business

What is MailButler ?

Mailbutler is an all-in-one productivity tool that integrates seamlessly into Gmail, Apple Mail and Outlook. The lightweight plugin offers an extensive suite of time-saving tools, helping over 100k professionals everyday to simplify their email routine and to finally balance work and life: schedule your emails for later, snooze unimportant messages, get notified when an email is opened, insert templates and snippets, create professional email signatures.

Ideal for both personal and business emails, users are able to keep track and leverage their outbound communication, reach out to contacts confidently every time an email is sent.

Mailbutler also brings teams together with its powerful Team features: share email signatures, templates, delegate tasks and collaborate on notes, all without leaving the inbox. Its versatile tools simplify daily email routine for everyone, empower collaboration and knowledge sharing, helping professionals and teams manage emails flexibly and stress-free.

1) NOTES functionality

You can export email messages into the notes program and you can now attach notes directly to email messages. If you have connected Evernote, OneNote, then your note will also be copied to that app.

2) Scheduling (send later)

You can find also the scheduling button with a dropdown menu, from which you can choose when you want your message to be sent.

Mailbutler Send Later interface window


Mailbutler have a snooze button in the Mail toolbar, and in the toolbar of individual messages. Clicking on that button presents you with a dropdown menu, from which you choose how long to defer a message. The snooze durations are customizable from within your Mailbutler account settings on the Mailbutler website.

Mailbutler snooze feature


Mailbutler’s Follow-Up feature will alert you if the recipient of a message doesn’t reply within a time that you set. You click on a button at the bottom of your message draft, and select when you want the follow-up to occur. Like with the Snooze feature, these times are customizable from your account settings on the website. Once you’ve set a follow-up, the message subject shows up in the Mailbutler menu bar dropdown, in the form of a task.

Mailbutler sends you a notification when a recipient doesn’t reply by the specified time.

Mailbutler follow up feature

5) Others features

> You can be notified that you may have forgotten to attach a file to a Mail message if Mailbutler detects a word, such as “attached,” in your message. You can customize the list of words that Mailbutler detects.

> You can set a delay period for all messages in Mailbutler’s settings, and can recall any message before the expiration of this delay.

> Mailbutler offers message templates and snippets.

> If Mailbutler detects that a Mail message is a newsletter, it inserts an “unsubscribe” button at the top of the message. Click on the button, and you’ll get a system notification that you’ve successfully unsubscribed from the newsletter.

> And a new feature: Contacts, which improves the email communication with lots of functions (Contact Analytics, Conversation History, Contact Information and Notes & Tasks). 


> It’s more streamlined, and quicker to use.

> You can see more information in the menu bar dropdown, such as the date attached to each item without needing to click on the calendar.


Mailbutler is subscription-based, with a generous free option. With the free option, you get unlimited use of Undo Send, Cloud Upload, Attachment Reminders, Avatar Images, and Unsubscribing to newsletters.

For about $7.35/month on an annual plan, you get unlimited use of those features and others. Mailbutler has a complete pricing break on their website.



   Some feedback : 

   “Saves me a lot of time and from mistakes”

   “Well integrated with the tools you already use”




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