Announcing partnership with Nextsale

What is Nextsale?

Nextsale is a growth management platform that helps eCommerce businesses to boost sales. They are offering a set of tools for optimizing conversion rates, generating leads, increasing social proof, and creating urgency. Being trusted by more than 4.000 clients, Nextsale is available on many eCommerce platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and custom websites. 


What Problems Do They Solve?

Nextsale has been facilitating many problems that online business owners struggle with. Their main focuses are:

  • Social trust
  • Conversion rate
  • Lead generation 

Consumers have become skeptical about products and services offered by e-commerce due to the diverse options. Thus, low social distrust negatively affects their purchasing power. 

Besides social proof, Nextsale helps eCommerce businesses with conversion rate optimization. Low conversion rates is a problem when a site visitors do not become customers. It mainly occurs when consumers:

  1. Forget to complete the checkout process;
  2. Take discount period and stock quantity for granted;
  3. Feel insecure about the company;
  4. And other reasons related to the company.


With the problems mentioned above, Nextsale developed a set of tools that allows their customers to improve their business. Their features include promo bar, social proof, exit-intent popup, and a notification tab. Plus, these tools are compatible with mobile devices. 

Promo Bar

A sticky promo bar is an excellent way to generate leads. Choosing an appealing theme or background color and pattern will catch visitors attention much easier.

Social Proof

Sales notification or social proof popup is used to show visitors the recent purchases. Activity popup shows recent activities such as live visitor count, product views, order count, etc.

Exit-intent Popup

When customers want to leave your website, the exit-intent popup will show up. With this popup, you can collect emails and phone numbers. Plus, you can customize the popup’s design, message, and timer to make them catchy and fit to your website design. Moreover, you can also use the countdown method on the exit-intent popup to make urgency and FOMO.

Notification Tab

You can attract visitors by comeback messages that appear on the tab when they switch the tab. This helps customers to come back and continue surfing on your website i.e., complete the checkout process. 


No technical skills are required. You can set up the plugin, and create the first campaign within 3 to 4 minutes! 

How it works? 

  1. Sign up – create an account;
  2. Connect – choose your platform: typical website, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.
  3. Launch – create your first campaign 😊. 

Easy Optimization

Nextsale provides full optimization your campaigns with different tools. These consist of designing campaigns, setting behavior, rules, and goals. 

You can design campaigns with several options: setting a timer, choosing themes, background colors and patterns, writing intended messages, and more. If we sum up, the design features include the following parts:

  1. Message
  2. Themes
  3. Appearance
  4. Timer
  5. Action settings

Page Speed

Another reason we encourage you to give a try to Nextsale is that it does not slow down page speed. Overall, not any problem occurs that lets down the functionality of your website.

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One of the reasons that we chose Nextsale as a partner is that they have a free plan. It is a right choice for those who just entered eCommerce business with low traffic and minimal budget.

Their platform offers you access to all-in-one solution at an affordable price, eliminating the need to use multiple tools which can quickly increase your costs.

Moreover, paid plans have 14-days free trial offer, too. So, you have a chance to see which plan is best suited for your needs. It would be best if you chose the plan depending on your traffic.

If you need, you can schedule private demo with their agents who will show the benefits on the platform and help you select the suitable plan.

We Are Happy for new partnership !

From design to impression metrics approach, Nextsale is one of, if not the best, in their job. And, we are happy that ZAGO AB made partnership with them ! We hope that our partnership will result in positive results in your eCommerce businesses.

In order to celebrate the new partnership, Nextsale is offering 50% discount on any of their plans for the first three months.