Evaluate Shopify system Point of Sale (POS) – Unify your offline business

Your online & physical store systems will be fully integrated with Shopify Point of Sale (POS). Managing and developing your system will become easier and more efficient because it is a great management tool that gives you real-time understanding of your business performance.

Shopify Point of Sale (POS) system helps you manage both offline and online sales and inventory will also be controlled, all in a centralized location.

Shopify Point of Sale (using iPad) not only allows you to manage all your sales transactions in one convenient location, but it also saves you a lot of time from managing different systems.
For example, if you have two different sales systems, in collecting sales information (transaction records, customer data, etc.), it will affect the inventory management database. Sometimes, you will have to adjust all of these separate data so you can see how your business works, who your customers are (Is there any overlapping across the different systems?) and your “true” inventory level.

Such problems can be solved if your entire business can be unified and synchronized (in both online and offline space).
In this review, we will show you how Shopify’s POS system can streamline your business and save you time.

How does Shopify Point of Sale work?

By directly connecting Shopify Reader to your iPad, used as the main sales device in your offline store, the Shopify Point of Sale system has been activated. At this time, your iPad has become a payment terminal / cash register.
You can start charging your Credit Card customers through this Reader. Shopify Point of Sale will automatically synchronize all sales records, customer information and track your inventory with your store.
You can browse your catalog, connect your iPad to the cash register for cash transactions, print or automatically send email receipts. Requesting email for customers can help you collect email addresses, thereby increasing visits, allowing you to make some email marketing to further develop your business.

Shopify POS system cost
The Shopify POS system has 3 monthly plans, suitable for different levels of users

  1. Basic Shopify – $ 29 / month
  2. Shopify – $ 79 / month
  3. Advanced Shopify – $ 299 / month

The more expensive plan you register, the more advanced features you get. You can also use the lowest cost plan then upgrade if necessary.

There is also a credit card payment form for each “swipe”. This means that whenever you sell products to customers with a POS system (using iPad to swipe credit cards to charge your customers), fees are 2.7%, 2, 4% and 2.2% of transaction value for “Basic Shopify”, “Shopify” and “Advanced Shopify” plans, respectively.

These are transaction fees you will have to pay to accept all credit cards on your mobile device. In addition to these transaction fees, you will not have to pay any other fees.

Your time at this time has been greatly saved. So, you can focus on other important aspects to grow your business.
Not only that, you can also save money from the superior synchronization function of Shopify POS system.
If you are a business person, it probably doesn’t take too long for you to realize the benefits you can get from leveraging this system. Only the amount of time you save and reorient your business development, you absolutely can reward you exponentially over time.

Shopify Point of Sale is a breakthrough that helps Shopify become a true e-commerce builder. In fact, it can be said that Shopify is developing to become an online commercial building tool.
Now, Shopify not only supports you in managing online sales but also controls your offline sales.
If you own a pure online store, this may not be suitable for you. But if you are also managing any sales in a brick and mortar retail store, applying Shopify POS systems can be very effective.
You save time and money without having too many different working systems because all are integrated on Shopify. Your customers may also find the transaction very impressive when they see everything done on the iPad!

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