How to use Shopify’s blog platform to develop your customer base

Attracting traffic is one of the first steps you need to take for your store. This can be done on shopify or any other e-commerce system.

Without traffic, you will not have potential customers or even customers. This is one of the major limitations of e-commerce. Anyone who has a few dollars can get traffic. Traffic that converts? That is more difficult.

Every Visitor Comes for a Reason

Every person who comes to your shop comes for a reason.
Probably because they are looking for a solution to their problem (SEO), it may also be referred by friends (Social), or they just accidentally see your store on 1 ad (PPC). .
Whatever it is, they also have a reason to look to your store. You have a few seconds to meet their needs before they click and leave your site.
Even if the reason may be because you have a unique, high-class product, it is also an arduous process to reach a customer who agrees to spend money to get your product.

Give Value

There is a simpler way to give them something of immediate value. Such products have two common properties in order to:

  1. help them entertain
  2. teach them something

Entertainment seems simple, makes customers feel easy and interesting but it is also a thing to compete and will bring different results. For each video, every propaganda campaign fails, who knows how many millions of waste.

Teaching customers something is more difficult but the results are very easy to guess. An article or video that teaches customers ways to solve their problems, of course will include your product as a solution, will continually produce measurable results. .

You can absolutely do this on social media, but the risk is that you will get those assets lost. It’s fairly common for the rules in social media to change which can upend the entire system. Or for social networks to collapse as a whole.

Build Marketing Funnel Assets on A Platform You Control   

For these reasons, it is necessary to build these top of the funnel assets someplace you control. On Shopify, the best system for this is their blogging system.

Shopify’s Built-in Blogging System

All Shopify stores have integrated blogging capabilities. When creating a store, a sample blog is available, which means you can always use the blog feature without spending a lot of time setting up and installing. You just need to name your blog, decide whether you want to allow comments or not, and then optionally set up a Feedburner account.

After creating, Shopify blog is directly integrated into the frontend of your store. This means they can appear in your menu, footer or even with your products.

What to Blog About?

When you start your blog, you need to think about it as a place your customers want to visit and come back.

Certainly do the basics like how your product works, how it looks, it makes your customers’ lives better, etc.

Don’t just be limited to that.

Customers are using your product for a variety of different purposes. Each purpose can also be written about.

Take for example you sell a cup of tea. Nothing fancy, just a basic cup of tea. Let’s say you sell it.

You can write about tea cups as a product: introduce attributes, materials, sizes, colors. Although the content is more useful, it can be a bit boring.

Can you write about the use of drinks? Tea, coffee, water. Still boring.

What kind of tea? Can someone get good tea? How do you make tea?

Now the content is new and more interesting. From personal experience, going into tea and coffee can easily be thousands of different articles.

Integrated shopify with your brand

A little note about using Shopify Blog is to not just call it Blog. For many brands, it is just a generic term. What is common is boring and of course, customers don’t like it.
So call it with better names like Jane’s Corner, or even something funny like The Armchair Beard Lounge.
The name must be memorable, funny, impressive to be able to attract customers.

Blogs can increase your SEO traffic
Another great advantage of using Shopify’s integrated blog system is that because it is located on the same domain as your store, you will have easier time with SEO and search engine traffic.

In other words, when your blog posts become popular and shared, your store will gain more trust in general.

This does not happen if you host your blog on another platform, social network or even a subdomain ( In those cases, the majority of your blog’s beliefs are still on your blog and not delivered to your store.

Customize Shopify blog
Each template in the Theme Store is required to have blog templates so you can have a nicely designed template that you can use. You can adjust to make your blog suitable for your brand but it only takes a little effort.

To customize your Shopify blog, you only need to edit two sample files. The language used in Shopify blog is very easy to use such as the Liquid language of Shopify, along with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which anyone normally feels familiar.

Using a Blog is a way to boost your store. In particular, with Shopify, blog design becomes much easier. You can create a Blog template and choose content for your Blog in your own creative way. The richer the content, the more unique the template, the more customers will be attracted to your site.

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