How app interactions are beneficial to your ecommerce websites?

Nowadays, the demand of using a variety of apps for different functions and purposes of customers is increasingly growing. However, it comes up with a relevant problem: “How to make all those apps communicate well with another?” In other words, if you want your business apps to work smoothly with no need of  the help of your clients, you need app integrations which will assist you to solve problems. Many business users will select apps integrations due to the benefits they offer. In this post, let’s look at 3 main their benefits.

1.Time and money saving

App integration is simply defined to be the process of bringing data from one app to another. Thanks to it, there is no need for you to carry out the boring manual process. Even it is more helpful when your enterprise ‘s staff numbers are in limitation at your disposal.

With a simple but powerful integration, you can automate the whole process. In fact, this simple fixed one can allow the company to save several hours of work each week, estimated to be nearly $200k in annual labor costs that might make you surprised. Futhermore, staff members would reduce repetitive-stress injury causing by updating data repeatedly which is considered to reduce working productivity.

2. Error reduction and elimination of data duplicates

Manual data entry is naturally created due to human’s error. Unfortunately, it is just one of many problems, yet an incredibly important task: when staff members want to enter information many times in multiple forms and fields, they  make have tendency to make mistakes at some points or another.

This integration allows to reduce errors that are not only time -consuming to fix but also  most likely to  make customers annoyed. Take customer satisfaction for an example, if the customer keeps getting emails for a product they already purchased, but now websites can automatically unsubscribe someone who purchased an item from an email campaign. As a result, customer satisfaction will fall which negatively affect your business.

3. The best customizable app integration

One of the biggest benefits of an app integration platform is that developers and business owners can control over their integrations. We already have a series of integration solutions, but they are often inflexible and hard to customize; making clients’ life harder. Instead, they ought to make it easier .

The solution is a customized integration on Workato to automatically bring Shopify revenues into Salesforce along with additional revenue data from other sources. All revenue reporting across multiple revenue channels can now be centralized in one place: Salesforce.

With no additional manual work, clients can enjoy centralized multi-channel revenue reporting — an indispensible resource only possible with integrations which are customized to the company’s different revenue channels.

All in all, we have just highlighted three useful benefits of app integrations which helps your eCommerce website to develop in the next step and make different in comparison with other websites. If you have any questions, please comment in the below box.

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