Boosting sales of your Shopify E-commerce Store with Content Marketing

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Content marketing is a great opportunity to increase sales. Creating compelling, great content can help increase your traffic to your site and increase your revenue. Building good marketing content helps customers feel connected and engaged.

Create special content

Internet users every minute create thousands of contents. Facebook has 3.3 million new posts every minute. It is a battle, but you can still succeed if you have a standout content. First, you need to come up with a content plan that includes identifying the topic, form of content and how you will get it out there.


To create content ideas, you can:

  • Listen to podcasts by people in the same niche with you.
  • Refer to books selling on Amazon that relate to your niche.
  • Join groups on Facebook related to your business.


That would be a great thing if your customers share your market content. If you want that, keep in mind that your customers:

  • Will tag people they know if they can relate to or find interest in a piece of content
  • Appreciate finding something new and interesting.
  • Can click and share content related to topics of interest or celebrity trends easily.
  • Likes to share their opinions in debates.

Attracting the audience is the top priority that your market content must be directed at.

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Forms of content

The following forms should be your choice:

  • Social media content
  • Videos (including live video)
  • Advertisements
  • E-books
  • Podcasts


  • Blogs/ articles/ text-based content

One thing you should know is that video format is now a trend. And this also shows no sign of weakening in the coming time.


Ensure your content is heavily accessed


Deciding method used to deliver is the next step after selecting form of content

The most common ways are:

  • Through social media
  • By email


  • Directly on your e-commerce site

Email usage is a safe, common and effective way to deliver marketing content. Email is a tool that pulls customers back to your site by communicating on a regular basis. If your e-commerce business has not yet implemented email marketing, then you are losing your profit.

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Make sure the content store is always refreshed

A recent research done by HubSpot shows that if a company publishes more posts, the higher the number of visitors to their site. In their research, they found that companies publishing 16 or more blog posts each month received website traffic nearly 3.5 times more than companies publishing fewer than four posts every month. The size of the company does not affect this. The more you post, the more traffic you will bring to your site.


By creating high quality marketing content, it is easier to pull sales. The more content marketing is, the more developed and known your e-commerce site is. Using a variety of formats will bring your content to the ideal customers. You need to create a clear strategy in which marketing content will be deployed. The rest thing you need to do is just to see your sales explode!




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