Top 10 Best Free Shopify Themes For Your Online Store 2018

Shopify is a back-end eCommerce platform which is believed by hundreds of thousands of online stores. It can be a difficult task to manage an independent eCommerce platform yourself, especially if you only develop your business from the starting point. As a result, you can require more maintenance and invest more to help your store remain rapid development. Knowing these issue, Shopify is an ideal tool which is chosen by many business owners in solving corporation, branding, freelance needs. It can not be denied that Shopify provides you with a variety of benefits together with its service.

One of these advantages we have to mention is Shopify Themes. However, there are about 55 themes available in the Shopify Theme Store with more than 140 styles, so it can make business users confused to pick a suitable one for their store. The reason is that mobile now makes up for more than 50% of total eCommerce traffic, it is suggested that you should optimize it for mobile customers. These themes include some of the most beautiful free and paid templates from the Shopify Theme Store which are all mobile responsive. Now we begin highlighting Top 10 best free Shopify themes that are available for instant download.

1. Solo

In order to create ideal things for stores with small-to medium-sized inventories, Solo is a solution for this. As far as we know, Solo is designed with purpose of making your store become more great no matter what type of business you run. Its feature is a rearrangeable homepage which can showcase a single product, a responsive design and many different standard ones.  

2. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a responsive Shopify theme that allows you to adjust in aim of looking great on all screen resolutions. Brooklyn’s features include resizing your browser window to consider its adjustment and viewing the demo shops on your mobile phone or tablet. With Brooklyn, it is easier for you to alter colors, images and fonts in your way.

3. Supply

When it comes to stores with large inventories, Supply is designed so as to make it quick and easy to browse through the total categories and products that your store must provide. Its characteristics are remarkable navigation, numerous homepage collections, sidebar filtering, and simplizing integration with the Product Reviews app.

4. New Standard

When it comes to selling any type of products, New Standard is created as a responsive theme with a clean and minimalist design. At the present time, New Standard appears with many standard features namely mobile-optimized responsive layouts, a slideshow, featured collections, products and more other features.

5. Minimal

Another responsive theme which is also extremely beneficial is Minimal. Its outstanding advantage is to provide your online store with the beautiful and trendy image and look more great on any device. Making use of outstanding designed features, your work will be completed in a flexible way. Furthermore, it is likely for you to customize  your key content with extra layout options, product opinions, collections opinions, navigation styles and typography choices.

6. Startup

Startup brings you an unprecedented level of flexibility and detail. Its homepage is interchangeable, and  able to serve as a one-page store on its own. Startup can be ideal for business users to purchase a small amount of products, but it is flexible enough to solve an entire catalogue. An outstanding feature of Startup is that it is ideal for any store.

7. Showcase

With the help of Showcase, you can use your product with  full-screen images and make someone who start-up become more perfect.  Its features include overlayed multi-level menus, full-screen product galleries, retina ready graphics and versatile group of settings to assist you to customize your store. Showcase is an ideal tool for showing off and purchasing your items in a new brand way.

8. Icon

If you want to create unique and compelling shopping experiences, a suitable Shopify theme is Icon that is a packed parallax Shopify theme. Its features include a sticky header, sticky sidebar, parallax scrolling images and more other features.

9. Alchemy

Another gorgeous responsive Shopify theme is Alchemy which is packed with a variety of  prominent features to boost the potential of your products. It features a parallax header, retina ready graphics and row ordering. As a result, it provides your store with numerous choices to style your store.

10. Parallax

Parallax is a beautiful theme that features a long-format home page with unparalleled flexibility and control. It utilizes various backgrounds that maybe move at different speeds to make your store have a sense of depth. Thanks to Parallax, you can create an influence with multiple parallax scrolling sections and be able  to purchase your products on the homepage.

Hope that highlighting these Shopify themes will help you choose the suitable one for your work and make different for your business in comparison with others. if you have any considerations, please give us some comments below.

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