3 Reasons You Should Blog on Shopify

It is estimated that nearly 3 million blog posts are written and this number tends to continuously rise with a variety of content. Therefore, if you do not want to be the same as others, you need to find solutions to make a difference or be outstanding in the crowd, drive traffic and sales to your business. One huge part of an E-commerce marketing strategy is blogging. Shopify also allows you to create and manage your own blog. However, not all of you can recognize benefits of blogging on Shopify, this post will highlight 3 main reasons why you should have a blog on your Shopify store.

1. Attract New Visitors

One of the biggest benefits of blogging on your Shopify eCommerce store is attract new visitors to your site. Each blog you create can be pushed out and promoted on social media that encourages new viewers to explore your content and in turn what products you have to offer them. Additionally, blogging allows you to build the strength of your Search Engine Optimization. By starting a blog on your Shopify store, you can help your business increase website traffic, lead generation and online sales, so don’t hesitate to create a blog on Shopify.

2. Build Trust

In the era of increasingly advanced information technology, customers have all of the power. In fact, companies in the local, in the country and in the world are competing strongly to attract customers for their business. In reality, building trust to customers is considered as one of the most important factors to make you be outstanding among other companies. So, how do you build trust through advanced technology era? The answer is blogging known as a key to build trust. If you can create content which is attractive and helpful without expressing how great you are, you will certainly nurture your good relationship with your viewers. The more helpful and informative content you can give them, the better it helps for your business. Consequently, when customers make a purchase decision, your Shopify store is one place they choose to buy from.

3. Showcase Your Products

In addition to the primary goal of building trust with your potential buyers, blogging on Shopify also brings you with a great opportunity to showcase your online store and products. When you’re writing your content, plan it out and make it have a clear purpose. For example, with a blog named “8 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally”, you can smoothly add at the end of a segment that introduces your business’ detox product. By this way, your products will be gently introduced to your viewers while still getting value from your content. All in all, this post helps you understand 3 reasons why you should blog on Shopify. If you want to attract more visitors to your store and rocket your business, you should consider Shopify’s blog first. It doesn’t certainly make you disappointed.

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