5 Vital Apps for E-commerce Store Installation

Shopify is considered as an amazing E-commerce platform not only for its reasonable cost, convenience but high quality as well. Using it, your marketing issues can be handled more easily and effectively by automating emails and creating targeted social campaigns instead of you. Besides, Shopify stores has features that totally secure checkouts allowing retailers to carry out payment transactions promptly.

Because of its huge advantages, Shopify gradually becomes a reliable selection for customers who demand on starting and growing an E-commerce business. However, it is skeptical that whether all clients know which apps are essential for their business web or not. This article, therefore, brings about 5 suggested apps supporting for sale results and satisfying customers.

1. Edit Orders

As revealed in this name, this app functions on completing orders, which means you can check errors related to order and position. Besides, you can manage billing address, change the price of an order after receipt and reasonable reorder returns policy.

2. Persistent Cart

Persistent Cart is designed to save your sales. Particularly, it helps save your customer’s shopping carts even when they are out of the site. Whenever the customers log in again regardless of using the same or other devices, their cart is always ready.

3. Google Shopping

This app assists customers to boost sales by automating the process of giving out a list of products that are available on Google shopping or Product Listing Ads. Its procedure is syncing the whole store with the Google Merchant Center automatically and then let you update the lists within Shopify.

4. Exit Offers

How can Exit Offers app enhance your sales? Particularly, it is responsible for saving clients who seem to abandon a purchase. They tend to add items to their cart but then attempt to leave it regardless of their purchase incompletion. In this case, a random offer is requested in which they have to buy something such as free shipping or a percentage off the order. In order to find out which kind of offer fits you, it is suggested that you split test offers within the apps.

5. Audience Push

Last but not least, Audience Push is necessary for all Shopify store owners who aim at taking advantage of Facebook platform to advertise. In reality, by connecting to Facebook, Audience Push will actively update your Facebook Custom Audience list compiled with information of new customers.

These are five suggested apps that you should install when first setting up the store. If you have any ideas or questions, let us know by dropping some line in the comments below.


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