5 Reasons For Upgrading Shopify Plus Platform

There is no doubt that Shopify has been considered being amongst the most effective platforms supporting online business. However, with the rapid increase of business advances as well as orders, customers desire more than what Shopify platform has performed, which leads to the existence of Shopify Plus. It is Shopify Plus that becomes the most advanced version and serves the demand of enterprise-level eCommerce business. So, what is Shopify Plus and why should we choose it for use? Let’s check it out in this blog post!

In the first place, Shopify Plus is a fully hosted enterprise Ecommerce platform for business and brands. Its main function is meeting the needs of high-volume sellers and fast-growing merchants by providing all the functionality that is far more efficient than what your Shopify plan has already had. By updating to Shopify Plus, users can gain huge benefits which are about to be presented below:

1. Customisation

The prior advantage that Shopify Plus brings about is customisation. With the aim of satisfying big enterprises’ needs, Shopify Plus lets you customize your measures to suit your business. Besides, by combining APIs,  full Javascript, CSS control with more than 1000 apps, it is possible for you to adapt the Shopify Plus platform to your needs. As expected, Shopify Plus permits you to do business on variety of channels in addition to your online store.

 2. Support

Apparently, having a chance to work with large firms is not only a beneficial business but a significant challenge for Shopify platforms as well due to customers’ high and complicated demands. This is the reason why Shopify Plus provides a high degree of account management with a dedicated account for each customer. It means you will have a 24/7 contact regardless of development work, bug fixes or any kind of support. Furthermore, free launch management and more than 40 migration tools supporting for transition process will also be provided.

 3. Scalability

SAAS or Software as a Service is one unique term relating to Shopify Plus, in which the serve and software are sold as a package. There will be no need to concern about the complexibility of IT techniques and hosting issues for your online store due to the assistance of Shopify’s expertise. Moreover, it contributes to cost and risk reduction.

According to released statistics, Shopify Plus promises “rock-solid performance” with 99.99% server uptime, solving 4 million hits per second. What’s more, through Shopify Plus, you are also prepared for flash sales and peak times as it can deal with 10,000 checkouts per minute.

Apparently, Shopify Plus platform can give you one hand in handling with considerable amount of traffic and transactions without troubles. If you wish to expand your site with a larger scale, Shopify must have been your truly companion because  it not only works nationally but internationally as well.

4. Payments

Shopify Plus assists you on selling online, in-store and even other channels that you are interested in. A wide range of payment methods is accepted including Bitcoin, Paypal and about 70 other payment gateways. What is more, it is optional for you to choose regions and languages to set up business. It also enables you to negotiate credit card rates by accepting payments directly with Shopify Plus.

5. Security

Like any other big platform in the eCommerce market, Shopify Plus seriously takes security into consideration. It is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant through which credit or debit card data is captured, stored and transferred securely. Similarly, it will be a legal requirement if you wish to accept credit or debit cards in your online store. Last but not least, Shopify Plus holds annual compliance assessments, fraud detection and other protection measures, which stops you from worrying about security issues.

In a nutshell, Shopify Plus is an amazing breakthrough equipped with necessary characteristics to meet your expectation. With its capacity as well as potential, Shopify Plus commits to bring you more benefits than ever. Above are some unique functions and reasons for choosing Shopify Plus, do not hesitate to drop any comments or queries if you have.

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