3 Steps To Turn Shoppable Posts Into Purchases

With the significant growth of modern technology as well as high demand of markets, Shopify platform in cooperation with Instagram application have announced an addition of Shoppable Posts through which a vast number of customers can do online business and inversely they can shop much more easily and quickly. Besides, it permits users to tag and buy products directly from posts on Instagram.

One issue raised here is that whether Shopify users are able to take advantages of this new integration or not. What are steps to turn Shoppable Posts into purchases? Let’s figure out right away in this writing!

1. Optimize Your Business Profile

Instagram is known to be a popular web application that has involvement of numerous users both individual and businesses so it should become a strength for any companies applying Instagram to their work. Treating their profiles as new homepages can be an ideal idea because the foremost thing customers catch in their eyes is usually those profiles.

In order to customize one profile, your page has to contain beautiful graphic content including posts with single or multiple pictures and videos. Then, the profile should present a high quality bio to describe your work which is not only short but attractive as well.  What is more, Instagram allows just one URL on the homepage so don’t forget to use it. A branded profile photo is also suggested one for you to attach.

2. Share Images of Products in Action

Share Images of Products in Action or User-Generated Content is a must-know technique that any marketers would have applied in order to boost up online business productivity because it supports on enticing viewers to buy more products. Deeply understanding the great importance of this technique, a large number of brands have been using images which are provided by their customers as feedbacks, which is more trustworthy and efficient.

3. Effectively use tag function in Instagram

Tagging is a great feature that Instagram provides in order to directly go to the correct links of products sold on Shopify platform. Specifically, it enables customers to sell in a more convenient way by directing traffic to your checkout pages. Moreover, this gives you one hand to invite visitors back to your bio via clicking on the links.

All in all, advertising on Instagram is as easy as eating a piece of cake if you have a well understanding of the way it works. This even becomes more efficient and a valuable method to sell online due to the cooperation of Shopify and Instagram on building Shoppable Post project. Hopefully, after enjoying this post, you can apply these above steps and gain more benefits from this native integration. If you have any queries, feel free to ask and leave comments on the box below.

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