3 Features Of Shopify To Simplify Your Online Business

None was born to become a professional or great marketers at the first try. That is the reason why no matter how challenging your work, especially online one seems, you have to make best effort to overcome and master it. Sharing the same concern with enterprises, agencies and individual doing business all round the world, Shopify platform has introduced several functions that you can get benefits from. Let’s follow me in this post to check out what they are.

1. Gather all marketing campaigns in one place


In the first place, thanks to this centralized section in Shopify platform, digital marketing campaigns are likely to be created faster and more accurately via almost marketing applications than they were used to. Some examples for those apps can be listed as email, paid advertisements, discount banners and a lot more. Besides, it also provides smart campaigns in which a quick comparison about campaign results in different marketing activities.

It even supplies you astonishing recommendations in case you have any queries or troubles on planning and managing your store or business. Specifically, with the support of Shopify team, insights-driven marketing suggestions or ideas will open the path for users to conquer any challenges.

2. Provide attractive discount programs

Shopify always appreciates customers’ selections as well as their belief on this platform, which is the momentum for launching discount programs. Through these promotion campaigns, your online business tends to be known by a larger scale of clients and drive more traffic to your site with the aim of enjoying all the provided benefits.

Moreover, you also can combine products for sale with other ones without discounts. When customer orders one item, automatically another one will be given freely. In addition, your team can think of alternative methods of discounts such as free shipping or attached gifts.

3. Dynamic Checkout

Once your customers tend to have a look or visit your stores, it is time for you to reveal that your store provide a wide range of checkout methods, which means personalizing a client’s purchase experience with his/her preferred payment method right on your product pages.  

This incredible function expresses 3 outstanding characteristics. The first one is   personalizing checkout methods, which makes different payment methods available for each kind of customers. For instance, if you wish to conduct transactions via Paypal then it is vital that Paypal button be created on the preface.

The second one is the process of capturing intent can happen earlier and more directly right after customers finish choosing goods and think about payment. Moreover, the purchase process seems to happen in an easier and more convenient way. If before, it requires a bunch of steps to checkout then now, there is no need to do that due to checkout method variety.

In a nutshell, in order to adapt to new demands as well as challenges that this market has given out, Shopify platform with professional teams have tried hard to introduce new features which support you on dealing with these urgent problems. Once you tried selling online with the aids from Shopify, you will not only achieve your targets but satisfaction as well. In case of queries or comments, don’t hesitate to jot down some words on our comment box below.


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