Shopify is a SASS E-commerce platform that allows you to launch your business via almost every measures. Whether Shopify is safe or not is one of the most commonly – asked questions given by clients. And the simply answer for this query is : yes, certainly. This article will highlight 3 basic reasons to demonstrate for the above answer.


 1. Shopify has been used for years which is appreciated by the New York stock exchange

The operation of the platform without problems for a long time is one of my views about its safety. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has not suffered from any security scandals. This is the reason why Shopify is put on list of New York exchange. The list shows that getting reliable financial information about the company, its business and inspection of company’s activities have never been easier.

It is worth mentioning that market valuation of Shopify has reached more than $13 billion since the beginning of 2018. Moreover, the period of operation is realized as one of the biggest indicators that we can be based on to evaluate the platform.

2. Each Shopify plan carries a free SSL certificate

SSL certificates increase the level of security when customers use websites, they take responsibility for protecting personal information and payment details of customers from an online store. To identify a SSL certificate installed website, you can check the address bar, if the address starts with HTTPS- the “S” means that the website is installed a SSL certificate. Because SSL certificate will be particularly essential in the future, there are more and more online buyers who are aware of it.

Because of free SSL certificate offered by Shopify, online stores can save money. If a custom E-commerce store was made without basing on any platforms, it would cost $50 or more for separated certificate every year. In addition, a free SSL certificate is offered for great plans.

If you want to use Shopify, you do not need to have technical skills because it will activate automatically when customers come to their sensitive details.

3. Quick response and speedy customer service

If there are any problems with your Shopify account or store built basing on their E-commerce solution, they will help you as quickly as possible. It would be under pressure to solve problems immediately, however, the customer service of platform will try their best to help you overcome troubles. 

Shopify is proven to be the safest platform through the above reasons. In comparison with other platforms, Shopify is the only one which has no recorded security scandal. This is the reason why the number of people using this platform is constantly increasing, they are aware that their data is safe with Shopify.

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