How To Earn Customers Trust When You Have No Sales Yet?

Have you wondered what to do when you are a brand new store. How can you persuade the customers to believe in the brand, the quality of your products, or commitment to customer satisfaction? Most of the shoppers depend on the reviews of the past customers to evaluate any store that they visit for the first time, either online or brick-and-mortar. However, when your business has no sales yet, there is no reviews or social proof to examine the trust of customers. Fortunately, there are several ways you can persuade them and build the trust.


1. Share The Human Side of Your Business



The goal of any business is to make profit and the customers know it. That is the root of the skepticism of the buyers, do not trust the quality of any store without any proof. One way to overcome this is to add the authenticity, the human side of your business so the customers can see it. A great way to do this is the ABOUT ME section of your website. It is where you can tell your story and your brand’s story at the same time. This creates the foundation for the trust by letting them know you more. This builds the kind of emotional connection with customers that only a small business can. Both of these factors—knowing that they’re knowledgeable and that they are real people—helps us feel better about purchasing from their store.


2. Show The Customers That You Prioritize Their Security



Not just building a trustworthy business, you also need to build a trustworthy website. Nowadays, cyber security is a huge issue within the ecommerce market. Even the giant store chain such as Target has been attacked by hackers and stole the information of customers credit cards. By adding a security-boosting app and inform customers about it, you can combat the problem and gain trust from the visitors.


3. Highlight Excellent Return Policy



A great return policy is what will determine whether or not a customer make the purchase. Having one will show that you prioritize the customer experience and that you’re confident about your product, so much so that customers can send it back for a refund if they don’t like it. The return policy can ease the dissonance that the buyers can have before purchasing something.

It’s not just enough to have a great return policy, though, you also want to advertise it on your site:

  • Create a page that outlines your full return policy (this can also part of your FAQ page)
  • Have a section dedicated to returns on your product pages (like in the example above from Press)
  • Display a badge on your site to highlight money back guarantees (Shopify apps like Trust Seals can help)
  • Link to your return policy in the footer of your site

4. Provide Detailed Product Information



The more information the customers know about the product, the more likely they are going to trust and purchase it. You can do that by making sure providing any useful, related information and be specific. Even information about warranty information would be something to be considered.

Clear and vivid images and videos of the product will also help to demonstrate the product quality and how it can be used.


Source: Shopify

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