5 Steps To Get Access And Do Business on Shopify Store

In technology era, the demand for conducting online business is somewhat unavoidable. However, it is believed that the number of people lacking of technical knowledge and skills have desire to possess an online store is still enormous. They are conscious of coding problems, getting buyers’ attention as well as optimizing conversion rates in E-commerce.

Therefore, what can we do to have an eye-catching online website that is available on any mobile devices? The most satisfactory answer should be Shopify store. If you still doubt about what we have revealed above then look at these following steps and try once.

1. Register for a Shopify account

The very first step is getting yourself an account at www.shopify.com. Then, wait for a second after signing because of its process. In case that you are skeptical about its effectiveness. Shopify provides you 14-day free trial and you just have to pay after this period. Next, clicking on index about the purpose of creating store account which includes online store and retail store (pop up shop).
After selecting the purpose, don’t forget to add your address to set up currencies and tax rates. When finishing all the requirements, you will move to the second procedure.

2. Set up domain address

Choose “Online Store” in admin dashboard then click on Domains. In case that a domain address is not ready, you have to stick with the basic domain for Shopify Stores at www.yourstore.myshopify.com for buying your favorite address.

3. Choose a Shopify Theme

It is compulsory to select a theme by going to the Shopify Admin Dashboard and choosing Theme in Online Store. You will see there are two options which are customizing your own theme and choosing a pre-designed template in Shopify Themes section.

4. Add Your Products

The purpose of creating this online store is nothing except for selling products so this is an inevitable step which also takes much time and your effort. Let’s find Add Products button on Shopify Admin dashboard. Still, there will be 2 choices. The first one is manually add product such as product name, illustration, images, classifications, price and so on. The second one is import CSV file after bulking upload products.

5. Get your first customers

One of the head-scratching problems that online sellers have to face up with is carrying out marketing. Obviously, there are various things you can apply to sell online but here are some suggested ones that are considered obtaining the highest result.
– Email marketing application
– Advertising services such as Facebook ads and Google ads
– Social Media including Pinterest for E-commerce, Instagram and so on
– Discount campaign to attract customers and collect email subscriptions or social followers in exchange for discount code.

This is just a basic tutorial that provides you brief knowledge about getting access to Shopify and starting initial business. Therefore, queries are unavoidable when you try to set up it yourself. In that case, don’t hesitate to jot down your troubles in comment index.

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