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Shopify tips with 6 free apps to use!

Shopify tips & tricks: Here they are top 6 free apps to use on Shopify to drive traffic and fulfill your budget! 


1. Recover Cart Pusher

recover cart pusher

The first free application Zago wants to introduce you is Recover cart pusher, as this is a wonderful Shopify tip to start your business. One of its special function is that it allows your customers get news from your web right on their desktop! This could save much time both for you can your clients, since you can approach your customers by sending news and notifications of your online shop as soon as possible. It also reduces the ability that your email can get into spam box when sending it.


2. Countdown Cart


countdiwn cart

The second free app you should use for Shopify is Countdown cart. This one is a tool to remind the visitors that there is a limit number of products sold on the website. To anyone who wants to buy this or have intention to buy this, they will have strong motivation to act fast and turn any visitors into your potential customers. Countdown cart focuses on customer psychology to promote their purchase, leading to higher sales in your business.

3. Smile.io


Smile.io is a free app to raise your sales amount.


Smile.io is also a good tool to do business, as it helps you have more loyal customers with many realistic programs. With this Shopify tip, you can give your customers a chance to achieve points for purchasing products. After a number of points have been achieved, some gifts or discounts can be given to the customers to as an appreciation for being loyal customers. With Smile.io, the buyers will become your faithful customers and there will be high chance that they can introduce more visitors to your website.

4. Auto Currency Switcher

auto currency switcher


To big and international shop, having a tool to change the money into each unit of each country is really important. If you want to expand your business, think about this free app we suggest: Auto currency switcher. This app works automatically and saves much time but giving an effective and fast result.


5. Personalized Recommendations


A good Shopify tip to drive your business.


Among many Shopify tips to raise your business sales, this app might be helpful as it is based on the history of your customers’ profile, so that many related products will be introduced and offered. This remind the customers about the products they care about but haven’t bought yet, so that you can approach a potential buyer multiple times and encourage them to purchase.


There are many ways you can choose to offer your potential customers: using the same products, using the new ones or the newest. All of these 3 ways are good and effective to raise your benefit with higher sales amount.


6. Facebook Shop

Do not forget that this is the time for modern technology and social network. One of the most well-known social networks in the world is Facebook. You can use Facebook shop as a free app to get new customers. By selling things on Facebook, you can approach many people all around you. It saves time for the buyers and raise the budget for the sellers. Making use of Facebook and start your online shop with us right now!

facebook shop


There are many more free apps and Shopify tips for you to choose and try, and we just suggest some of them as they are the most used one. Now, you can start your plan and find some sufficient ways to raise your profit.


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