SEO for your Shopify store: What should you know?

Congratulation on your online shop opening!


Your Shopify store is up and new customers are curious about your store, your products and your company as a whole. Now it’s time to market it online to bring more industry leaders and customers to your business.




Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is one of the most important practices you can start with to track your business traffic and its growth. In this post, we will discuss the importance of SEO and how SEO can efficiently impact your Shopify business, increasing the sales.


1. Why SEO is needed?

1.1. Increasing visuality and branding



Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is widely known as an practice of growing the quantity and quality of your business traffic by using organic search engine results, such as Google or Bing. For example, a potential customer search a keyword which is related or similar to your business or products and, with the help of SEO, your store should appear as one of the first results on the first search page. This should increase the chance that your customers would click on and see through your shop before any other stores. Therefore, your store will continuously appear first in most of the customers  search result, increasing their trust on your products and services.


1.2. Providing the best form of advertising

Search Engine Optimization is indeed an efficient inbound marketing strategy, as it allows to market your business while people are looking for something similar to what your store provides. Different from other traditional advertisement, which is pretty much out of date and costly, SEO will help you show up at suitable place and time. With this strategy, you do not need to persuade the customers that your products or service are needed, you just need to show them that your business is suitable for them to choose.


Since SEO is so important that every company should take it into consideration, here are some tips and tricks ZAGO recommend you to ensure that your Shopify store is fully optimized for SEO


2. Search Engine Optimization and Shopify


When you have become a Shopify owner, you will have some powerful and significant SEO features, such as editing title tags, images tags, meta descriptions and URLs for your pages and generating sitemap.xml, robots.txt files, and canonical URL tags automatically.


Title tag of ZAGO Sweden


Firstly, title tags are normally appeared on results pages to show the main content for a given page, which should be short, accurate and relevant to the page’s content. Shopify allows you to edit the title tag and set each tag for each product, collection or page for your online store. You can scroll down to the Search Engines section on these pages in Shopify and make your adjustment as needed.


Meta description of Shopify & ZAGO Sweden


Secondly, meta descriptions are HTML attributes providing concise explanations of the contents of the web pages. It will be shown below with the title tags, concluding a few lines about the content to show the customers what the page is about. Another great trick of Shopify is to adjust this meta descriptions to achieve your marketing objective, although Shopify will automatically create a small paragraph using text from your page. This can be set for any pages using Shopify admin, such as homepage, blog or product page.


images filename and alt text are also important features of SEO


Next, image’s filename and alt text are normally used as keywords to describe what the picture is about. This acts as another SEO features, as it not only helps your products’ images appear when the customers look for the related keywords, but also describe it for people with vision problems. Since this is one of the most important practice for your page, keywords should be set for not only images, but also name of products, collections, pages or blog posts. Using keywords will increase the the ability of your web showing up when people search for similar keywords on search engines.



Page content and presentation


Another thing should be taken into consideration is pages’ contents. The more effort you put on to prepare it, with detailed product description, collection text, or blog post, the higher chance your customers will find your page on Google or and other search engines. Therefore, you should try to include some important keywords into the content, and also put on some images with clear presentation to increase the visibility of your pages.


Finally, Shopify App Store offers you many different available apps that provide you supports with search engine optimization. Trying as many app as you want, you can see which one is the most suitable for your business objective. Nevertheless, if you still have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact and hire our Shopify Marketing Experts, as we will bring you the best tips and tricks to fully optimize SEO for your company.


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