OneCast review

What would happen if you are playing your favorite game and your family member wants to use the television? How to continue your entertainment? Which app should you use to continue playing games? OneCast should be a good answer in this case.


1. What is OneCast?


OneCast is an innovative app for streaming Xbox One game to Mac.


OneCast is the world’s first Xbox One game which can stream to your Mac, which means that you can play games wherever you go, as long as you have network with you. So now you can spend all day playing your favorite game without being interrupted. Your mom can watch TV, your dad can watch movies and you can still play games with fantastic experience.


Since it was first introduced, now OneCast has many versions such as OneCast v1.2, OneCast v1.4, OneCast v1.5 and so on.


2. Why should you use OneCast?

First, OneCast helps to support transferring game session within your home. You do not need a TV or a laptop to play game, what you need is home network. OneCast can stream Xbox One game to your Mac and you can continue playing game without interruption.


Second, OneCast allows you playing game even when you are not at home. Although, it might require some things such as manual configuration, this app is still a good software which can help you relax.


Moreover, setting up for OneCast is simply, as it is all agreed by many customers. It is even easier to install the app than installing Window 10.


Finally, OneCast does not only helps to support games within your home network, it also helps to give you high quality and good performance. The HD is 1080p and the game is low lag.


3. Drawback of OneCast


OneCast only runs on Mac0S 10.11 or higher.


Despite the fact that OneCast is one of the best game streaming, it also has some disadvantages.


First, the X button might not work precisely because of the Xbox controller  and the USB driver. ( applied with model 1708). OneCast also does not support microphone for voice and in-game chat as well as feedback for controllers, which is a significant disadvantage as gamers prefer talking during the game. Moreover, it requires Mac0S 10.11 or higher, so gamers need to update their system regularly.


Another disadvantage of OneCast is that it does not support Xbox 360 and other console; and it might require some manual configuration to get connection from a far-away position.


Although OneCast is not suitable for all consoles, it is still a suitable and innovative app for Mac users.


4. How to purchase OneCast?

As long as you have a Macbook which runs mac0S 10.11 or higher, a Xbox One console and a home network to run the software, OneCast should be the most suitable choice for you to enjoy your favorite games anytime anywhere, with super-sharp video and good connection. Try now!


If you have already been satisfied with OneCast app, please don’t hesitate to purchase this as they are running a promotion with a discount of 85% with 14 days free in charge. Buy                               


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