Marketing Strategies To Drive Your Sales

After launching your Shopify shop, it is important to get customers to know about your store. Without customers, there is no sales, meaning the failure of any business. In order to get more traffic and sales for your online store, you should apply these several marketing strategies, which will put you in a better position.

1. Upselling



Have you ever been asked by the store to pay a little more to get an upgrade or a better version of the product that you are considering? That happens all the time and is one of the marketing tactics of the stores-upselling. You might also hear about cross-selling when the stores sell multiple related items together. However, according to the researches, upselling is actually 20 times more effective that cross-selling on the online markets. To be successful in upselling, you should keep in mind two things: recommend only related items and recognize the price range that customers willing to pay.


2. Social Media Integration



There are many social media platforms that you can utilize to increase the awareness of your business. The most effective but also familiar is Instagram, the social platform that allows us to post pictures and videos, and share with our “followers”. A study has shown that the average value of an order made on Instagram is $65, which is the second highest value within any social media platform. However, in order to achieve such success, you need good strategies to build a great number of followers. Using hashtags, appropriate filters, and eye-catching posts at the same time is the key to success in Instagram marketing.


3. Get More Product Reviews



With good product reviews, your conversion rate can rise by 14-76%. This information makes us wonder how reviews can be such a powerful tool. Well, one of the most troublesome issue with online shopping is that you cannot touch or try with products yourself, which can cause dissonance to the buyers when they deciding on purchasing something. However, the testimonials of former customers will be a subjective element that helps them consider. The more good reviews you have, the more proofs for the quality of your product or service.


4. Visitors Engagement



When your store has put itself out there and gain a fair amount of visitors, your job is to change them from visitors to buyers. In order to do it, you have to engage with your visitors more often, showing what you can offer. Now, it is the time that your effort put on social media pays off. The online business should have their “follow” button big and clear to direct your visitors to your amazing Instagram feed or Facebook page. Moreover, regular blogging about related issues in the world will help to connect the visitors, improving your SEO ranking.


The above strategies are good ways to build your Shopify content. Applying them well, you can generate traffic and drive the sales for your online business.

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