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4P Shopify tips before starting your online business

Doing online business is getting more and more popular all over the world, as it is flexible, easy-to-use and less time-consuming for buyers and sellers. In such a busy world, many people have not enough time to go shopping at the market or shopping mall, so shopping online will be the best alternative to save time going out.

Shopify, understanding this problem, was established as an online market with many items to choose. There are many shops on Shopify, so how to do business effectively? In this case, you need Shopify tips.

There are many tips and tricks when you start your business on Shopify, but the most well-known one are the 4P – Products, Price, Payment and Affiliate Programs.


1. Products

Selling good products is a Shopify tip to do business.

When starting your business, the first question to think of is what to sell? What are your products? Why do you want to sell these? Where can you take this and Who is your target market? All the questions above should be related to your products. Knowing well the products is a good Shopify tip to create a good plan and draw the suitable sketch for any decisions in the future. The more you understand about your products, the more customers you can approach. Answering these questions correctly and you can start your shop online on Shopify without any confusion.


2. Price

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Make sure that you have a realistic and detailed plan to determine whether you have enough budget to start your business. You should have a list of fees from buying products, designing to packaging, so that you can manage and make good decision. Different designs can require different expenses and you need a good plan with long-term decision. Especially, prices need to be compared with other competitors, as your products should not be sold at much higher price compared to others. More research should be done on the market price, so that you can have a better idea of deciding your own suitable cost.


3. Payment

good payment method is a shopify tip

Among many Shopify tips we have recommended, payment method should also be taken into consider. When customers want to purchase things, they prefer having suitable, easy and fast payment method. Your customers want to save their time and do not get into any troubles when making payment and shipping. Complicated payment methods can lead to confusion and time-waste from buyers.


Fortunately, there are many payment methods to choose nowadays, and the most popular ones are Paypal, Google Wallet and so one. The simpler payment method is, the faster we can receive payment from customers.


4. Affiliate Programs

afiliate programs

Affiliate programs help you earn more many with technology.

Keeping good connection with the buyers is one of many steps to be successful in business. You should offer your customers with affiliate programs whenever they visit your website, so that you can achieve higher sales and keep good communication with activities of visitors.


You can also have more Shopify tips to attract customers, such that you can choose a good name to impress the visitors, have good content and design to appeal buyers, choose an agency to help you have innovative marketing campaigns, etc. Although, these 4P tips are some good start for you when you first join Shopify, you should take into consider other tips to improve your online shop.

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