free trial is a shopify tip

4 shopify tips to create and build trust for customers

Creating and building trust for customers is a sufficient way to improve your business sales. Within many online shops, your website must be special to stand out to attract your target customer to choose products. With these 4 shopify tips, ZAGO believes that you can have a better change.


1. Free trial

free trial is a shopify tip

Free trial is a good Shopify tip to create stable trust for customers.

All buyers want to experience free trial, as they need to consider before they actually purchase something online. This can build deepen trust and credibility with your customer while they are using the free trial, as well as provide them a better idea of your products. We encourage you and your company to offer free trial to your customer, as they can refer your page to others if they have good experience with your trial.


2. Display your awards and quality certification


One more Shopify tip is to display your awards and any certifications that you have achieved after years of works. Since there are too many similar products in the market, it might be difficult for the buyer to choose a seller that they can trust. Having any awards displayed will be a very effective way to attract more potential buyers and promote your products and services. It not only helps you create and build strong trust with your clients, but also helps you stand out among other competitors with no or little reward.

3. Returning policy and prolong warranty period

returning policy

Good returning policy can help you get more customers


Return policy or warranty with longer period will be an advantage for your company, compared to others. This is an effective way to get the customer’s trust, as they want to make sure that they have enough time to test the products whether any errors will appear. Limited time for return policy or warranty may create an unstable trust between you and your customers, and they might doubt the quality of your products. This leads to a decrease in the business sales as your potential buyers might choose another company with longer time to return or longer warranty time. Therefore, many high-tech company offer 24 or 36 months warranty for their products, as a way to claim the quality of their products.


4. Customer reviews

customer reviews

Above all is a testimonial from your previous customers. One good review might get more attention that any advertisements. By using testimonials in any forms such as text, audio or video format, you have already made a credible, unbiased recommendation for your product and services. The more testimonial you have, the more customers’ trust you can get. In short, adding testimonial might be the easiest way to improve your website, as it can generate more sales than any other forms of advertisement. Nevertheless, testimonial should be chose wisely, as effective, benefits-driven testimonial can turn any visitors into customers.


There are still many Shopify tips but we believe all of these are the best to help you create and build good trust to appeal more customers. Zago wants to help you more for E-commerce and we are willing with this.

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