5 Ways to Increase E-commerce Sales This Christmas

The holiday season is a great time for e-commerce businesses to improve your store and take advantage of the Christmas shopping rush. Holiday shopping is already in full swing by November, when Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales start. This continues into December, with sales peaking around the 14th of December. This date marks the time when people are still confident that their last minute gifts will arrive in time for Christmas.

The holiday season brings endless possibilities for increasing your sales, but with tough competition, you need to make sure to prepare you e-commerce store in time. Here are 5 ways to increase e-commerce sales this Christmas:

  1. Optimise Mobile Shopping

People increasingly choose to shop online in order to skip long queues and crowded stores. Nowadays, consumers use mobile phones almost as much as desktops when shopping online. In 2016, ecommerce traffic from mobile phones was 41%, a close second to 50% using desktops. Sales on mobile phones are also becoming more popular, with 30% of all online sales happening through a mobile phone.

With more potential buyers viewing your store on mobile phones, it is important to make sure your e-commerce store is mobile optimized. Make sure that your landing pages, catalogs and check outs are easily utilized on mobile devices. We suggest browsing your store through a mobile phone yourself to see whether the experience is as smooth and enjoyable as you would like it to be.


  1. Quick & Easy Shipping

A top concern for holiday shoppers is getting their gifts easily and on time. 55% of shoppers say that free and fast shipping influences their buying decision. Offering free shipping and the option to choose express shipping can help your website conversions and holiday sales!


  1. Christmas Ad Campaigns

A clear marketing strategy for the holiday season is crucial to increase e-commerce sales and differentiate yourself amongst the high competition. Social media ads are a great way to reach targeted audiences and announce your holiday promos. Ensure that your campaigns are holiday themed, have a call to action and emphasise any holiday promos you have running.

Most – if not all – businesses will have holiday campaigns running in some form. The question is how to make yours to stand out. Here are some examples (opens in new tab) of inspiring Christmas Campaigns to get those creative juices flowing!


  1. Landing Pages

While we decorate our homes with Christmas lights and glitter, why not do the same to your ecommerce store? Festive landing pages and graphics are a great way to bring attention to your Christmas campaigns and promos. Remember to keep it relevant and don’t go too overboard – you don’t want to scare away customers because of a messy store!

Make sure to align your website changes with your holiday marketing campaigns. Consider these questions before making changes:

Can you create a dedicated landing page for your Christmas offers?

What offer will you promote on your home page?

When will you run specific promotions?

What promotions will you feature in other specific pages?

How can I align the website changes with my marketing campaign?

A clear Christmas marketing campaign calendar supported by necessary website changes will create a greater chance to increase e-commerce sales this holiday season!


  1. Christmas offers

We’ve already gone through the importance of easy & fast shipping, but there are other offers that can also make a big difference. Holiday discount codes are great to attract customers AND prevent abandoned carts! People are more likely to finish a purchase when they can clearly see the money they’re saving with your discount. Some stores also offer free gift wrapping during the holiday season. Buy-2-Get-1 offers are also popular and are especially handy during Christmas when shoppers need to buy gifts for the whole family. Another popular strategy is to sell your products in bundles or sets – these make for easy and bountiful gifts!

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