8 Best Christmas Campaigns Of 2017

These ads have been chosen for our list of the 8 best Christmas campaigns of 2017 because of their truly inspiring holiday messages. Christmas marketing campaigns are essential for your ecommerce success during the holiday season. It is obvious that these brands on our list are well known and established, meaning that they have unlimited resources for their holiday campaigns.  Small businesses however, can certainly apply some of their successful strategies even with a limited budget!

Our main tip for small businesses is that storytelling is everything! Consumer behaviour is not always rational – people buy things that they have a connection with. Brand building is something you should be doing year-round, but it’s never too late to get started or improve! Branding is not about your logo, website design or even what products you sell – branding is about what your consumers think and feel about your brand!

  1. John Lewis

Is it even possible to make this list and not include John Lewis? Not only do they execute amazing Christmas campaigns, but they have managed to all around establish an incredibly strong and positive brand identity.

  1. Amazon

Within the first 10 seconds, this ad points out an important fact store owners should consider: people do 50% of their shopping on mobile phones! We’ve written about the importance of mobile optimisation and other important improvements for Christmas sales here (opens in new tab).

  1. Marks & Spencers

The classic Paddington character makes for an incredibly fun ad campaign by M&S. 

  1. Barbour

This one takes you back to childhood with hand drawn animation. Campaigns that manage to emphasise nostalgia and childhood do well in connecting with audiences.

  1. TK Maxx

A great holiday offering and campaign by TK Maxx! This is an incredibly imaginative but also fun ad that is quite deserving of being one of the best Christmas campaigns this year. After all, who doesn’t want snow delivered to their door?

    1. Starbucks

best christmas campaigns of 2017

The Starbucks Christmas campaign isn’t an ad, but an example of holiday rebranding. For some, the day that Starbucks starts using their famous red cups, is the day that the holiday season officially begins! Starbucks also bring out their host of holiday Christmas products. Peppermint hot chocolate anyone? This smart brand strategy is now synonymous with the holiday season, and the company sees the benefits in holiday sales, which is why it’s definitely one of the best Christmas campaigns. 

Strong holiday branding can also come with controversy. In 2016, Starbucks presented a plain red holiday cup, without the usual white decoration. Customers criticised the cups for not being festive enough and Donald Trump even mentioned it during his presidential campaign! Due to this, you’d think that sales would plummet, however Starbucks holiday sales in 2016 actually lead to record revenue! We’ll put this down to very clever marketing.

  1. Sainsburys

This campaign represents diverse groups of people and includes some fun karaoke, which both make for an extremely relatable campaign!

  1. Heathrow Airport

We cheated a bit on this one and chose a campaign from 2016. However, we think this ad is still a great example of what an inspiring Christmas campaign in 2017 should look like. This ad created such a buzz for being Heathrow’s first ever Christmas campaign, and they pulled it off brilliantly!

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