Partnership with DIBS Payment

ZAGO Sweden grows up day per day, not only because of our quality but also thanks to other businesses supporting us every day.

Were are proud to announce you a new partnership between ZAGO Sweden and DIBS.

DIBS is the largest payment gateway in Sweden and also one of the best in Europe.

DIBS have been trusted by more than 15 000 clients in northern countries. DIBS developed a safe and easy payment  system. The gateway allows website creators to integrate DIBS module in an easy way.

Today, DIBS offer 40 payment methods and when you want to use DIBS, you receive personal help with their online support.

What about our partnership ?

We will assist customers setting up their payment gateway over DIBS, located on their website we created.

Standardly, clients using DIBS have to setup their platform themselves but thanks to our partnership, ZAGO support setting up DIBS payment gateway using Shopify totally free of charge. Also we support the merchant in setup with Shopify

You can have a look now at DIBS here :

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