Shopify Upgrade (2017-03-17)

The benefits of Hosted Solution ecommerce over Shopify – Bigcommerce is the ability to upgrade the site hassle-free. Following the news with Shopify Partner Unite event this week is the new Checkout section upgrades with all goodies from Shopify. All upgrade are free of charge for Shopify clients.



    Shopify Pay (previously ‘Remember Me’) is now available in beta for merchants using Shopify Payments
    New 404 page in checkout, branded with the merchant’s theme


    Improved Apple Pay error messages with more detailed information.
    PayPal Payment option can now be displayed on checkout when signed-in to customer account.
    All addresses in the checkout flow now support Japanese formatting.
    Improved autocompletion of customer information, noticeably for the province field.
    Moved the email marketing opt-in box from the payment method step, to the customer information step.
    Improved layout for the review page. Every section of the review are now boxes. The same pattern can be observed on the shipping method step where the shipping address is displayed.
    New URL for the order status page, details of the announcement
    Billing address is now always required, even for free checkouts.


    Removed the email verification and suggestion
 in the customer information step
    Remove subtotal section from order summary when it’s the same as the total


More info checkout Shopify page at : or email us at [email protected]

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