We Test Gamevice Controller for iOS

3 months ago we got chance to hands-on the best Game Controller for iPhone so far and we have been using it on daily basis since then. Overal it’s a great iOS controller but comes with some compromises. Let’s go deeper in the review .

A lot of gamers in the 21st century prefer to use a joystick for gaming because it is convenient and it is easy to control the game. Nowadays with most smartphones being capable of playing great games, and some games having great ports like GTA San Andreas, Vice City, etc. which where once console games, it is only fitting to use a proper gaming controller to play these awesome games. The only issue with some of these controllers that are out there is that they are not that user friendly nor portable which is a very important thing to a lot of people.

GTA on Gamevice
“GTA performs outstanding without any lags”

This is where the Gamevice for iPhone comes in to play. I used the device for quite some time and found it to be extremely good at what it does. The current iPhone lineup has the most powerful specifications and some would even call the current iPhones to be the most powerful handheld gaming devices in your pocket. Since the iPhones have retina displays and great chips inside to put out some amazing graphics, it is definitely going to be an awesome experience.

I used the Gamevice for iPhone and I immediately fell in love with it. It was an awesome experience and the problem of using the touchscreen to play was completely eliminated. I personally prefer to use a physical controller over the touchscreen which in my opinion makes the controls a bit funky and it is not as easy as using a real controller. Gamevice easily allows me to play games with it and enjoy my games. I played games for quite a long time and wanted to keep playing because of the ultimate mobile console experience I got with this combo.

We found it to be extremely good at what it does
“Getting in and out the case is just as simple as it should be”

Talking about the Gamevice, it has Dual analog joysticks along with A,B,X,Y buttons which all joystick users are familiar with. The D-Pad and the R1, L1 Bumpers as well as the R2 and L2 triggers are also there on the Gamevice. There is also a menu button available.

The back
“The back made from a durable connector so it can be collapsed and easy to carry around”

The Gamevice unfortunately using mini USB adapter to charge, which means I have to carry 2 cables, one Micro USB and one lightning to charge the iPhone. A bit of a down side but compare to the fact that Apple doesn’t allow any third party produce Lightning to Lightning connector, this is the best way we can have it so far. (at least it will share Micro USB with some of your current devices ?). The LED lights at the bottom shows the battery remaining, which has good endurance.

3.5 connector

I also found the 3.5mm Headphone jack on the Gamevice to be very useful when listening to the gameplay on the go. Since the iPhone 7 I used didn’t have a headphone jack, this was a really useful thing for me. I gladly adored the headphone jack and used it quite a lot in my long gaming sessions on the go.

from the top

For what it does, the Gamevice isn’t that big with dimensions of 10.5” x 3.5” x 1.2” and with a weight of 0.28lb (0.13kg). The design is quite nice and it feels amazing in the hand. The black color perfectly matches the Space Gray iPhone as well.

The only down-side at the moment we can see with this device is that in order to use it, you need to take off your case. Despite the fact that it might be trouble-some for some cases, we have no problem taking in and out our Official iPhone Silicon Case

The most fitting thing about the Gamevice is the adaptability and how it can be easily used on any device I wanted to from an iPhone to even an iPad. The Quick switch behavior makes it my favorite gaming accessory for all of my smartphones. If you try it, I think you will absolutely love it as well.

Good news, the Gamevice device support iphone 6/ 6 Plus and 7 / 7 Plus as well came this spring

Gamevice Controller for IPhone 6/7 and 6/7 Plus

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