Mailbutler – email’s future

Email is one of the essential things you are working with everyday. With minimalism in mind, we are at ZAGO Sweden believe that things should be invested wisely and correctly improving daily working experience.

Admit it, email itself hasn’t been changed in the last decade, even from Yahoo with 4 MB per mailbox to Google with start point 1 GB, there’s something fundamental in email still hold us back, for example, no tracking, no avatar, no notes integrated etc..

On the daily routine we work, we find out Mailbutler, which is amazing plugin for Mac mail. It does include all the functionalities which are lacking over emails for decades and so far, no one has done such great integration like this.


Here are what we love about it:

  • it can be easily installed on your computer and managed from your personal MailButler account
  • it lets you schedule your emails for any time in the future
  • it helps you convert your emails directly into perfectly composed notes
  • with it, you can easily attach the files of any size to your emails
  • it gives you the choice between various beautiful signatures, which you can also alter according to your personality
  • it personalizes your incoming emails by assigning the senders’ representative images to them
  • it gives you the opportunity to undo the delivery of the email you’ve already sent
  • it reminds you when you’ve forgotten the attachment, which you mentioned in the text of the email
  • it offers a free plan, which allows you up to 70 actions per month. Also, there is a professional, and a corporate plan.

The Mail tracking functionalities are a game changer, we know right away when customer read the mail to make sure not following them in sensitive situation. Which I believe enhance the working process and give you the competitive advantage to be faster / smarter than the rival companies.
If free plan doesn’t satisfy you, we found some good coupon code for Mailbutler you can use to get 20% off. Be fast, the coupon not normally stay long (learnt the hard way)


Demo and Purchase on Mailbutler Website.

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